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20 Google Hangout Ideas To Differentiate Your Brand


Google Hangout – the interactive and collaborative video tool – can help you differentiate your brand and create personalized experiences with your team, clients, and customers and get you more business as a result. Not sure how to leverage Google Hangout in your marketing strategy?  Get started with these 20 ideas:


For Your Internal Team


Company meetings: Extend your company culture & peronality to remote teams

Employee interviews:  A more personalized approach to hiring remote employees

Brainstorming sessions: Pull in a remote creative team and leverage Google Hangout’s collaboration tools (whiteboard, screen sharing)… for better idea sharing.


Client facing


Client meetings: Connect face to face and personalize your relationships with remote clients

Sales presentations: Build trust and grow your business nationally/globally without traveling


Marketing & Events


Webinars: Generate leads by showcasing your expertise – Become an industry authority Expert Panel: Organize & moderate a panel of industry experts

Show series: Weekly/monthly webinars or panels – Interactive brand management

Open office hours: Lead generation and relationship building strategy

Intro consultations: Attract remote clients with an ‘in person’ consultation

CEO corner: ‘Pull back the curtain’ – Connect with your customers top down

Live product samplings: Get creative! Check out the Cadbury Chocolate Tasting on Air Hangout

Focus groups: Research new ideas and get raw feedback from customers around the world

Giveaway: Reward your viewers with giveaways – show prizes on camera or giveaway live

Product launch: Host a launch party with your customers and community

Live demo: For marketing or tutorial purposes – Product extra’s for new customers

Press conference: Invite select journalists to talk about newsworthy company issues


Customer Facing

Customer Service: Step it up a notch – Attentive and customer focused – Invite customers to talk

Tutorials: Personalized product tutorials or technical help

Customer Q&A: Host group Q&A sessions for new products or services or FAQs


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  1. […] 20 Google Hangout Ideas To Differentiate Your Brand […]

  2. […] 20 Google Hangout Ideas To Differentiate Your Brand […]

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